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Water Quality Sampling
An Optical Brightener Handbook


Summary: The use of Optical Brightener testing as an indicator in helping to identify: faulty septic systems, sewage exfiltration, storm drain cross-connections, and human/animal waste differentiation



Many people helped with this project; too many to mention in the small confines of this report. We have received complete cooperation from everybody concerned - neighbors, City Officials, as well as State Officials.

There are some people, however, that do need to be acknowledged, for without them, there would be no Optical Brightener Handbook. A special note of thanks to Bruce Lorentzen, Robert “Stubby” Knowles, Laura Savina, and Bob Cram for volunteer work above and beyond what anyone could reasonably expect. A special thank you is in order to both the Massachusetts Division of Marine Fisheries and the Gloucester Health Department for never losing faith in the value of this project.

Funding for the reproduction of “An Optical Brightener Handbook” was provided by The Eight Towns and the Bay Committee.

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