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The Tradition Continues (9/01)

The summer of 2001 demonstrated the continuing tradition of an exciting teaching program in natural history, ecology, and conservation at the Audubon Camp in Maine. Especially significant to me were the FOHI Work/Study session, two additional weeks on the teaching staff, and working with a changing leadership team of the Friends of Hog Island.


The camp continues to attract campers with serious concerns about the environment


The work/study week was the camp’s first experiment in this type of session. We found that returning to Hog Island to invest effort and talent to the cause generated a level of enthusiasm and commitment that was exciting, gratifying, and contagious! Planning and support of staff guided participants to accomplish more than had been expected. We filled our week with a blend of hard work, field trips, great food, and conversations about how best to help the camp continue to grow. I believe we all look forward eagerly to next year’s work/study week, and an alumni effort that grows in effectiveness.

This summer, Seth invited me to join the teaching staff for the two natural history weeks. Of course I was thrilled to return to a teaching role I had last played there over 30 years ago! After observing the entire camp experience for two whole weeks, I was impressed that the camp continues to attract campers with serious concerns about the environment, still employs a dedicated, knowledgeable, and enthusiastic staff, and still presents the Audubon cause appropriately in the framework of today’s scale and array of environmental concerns.

Lastly, I want to indicate my appreciation of the camp staff, the representatives of the Maine Audubon Society, and the current FOHI leadership. After several years on the executive committee of FOHI, Bart and Ginny Cadbury now add their valued experience and perspective as members of the Advisory Committee. David Klinger and Tom Schaefer are vice presidents of FOHI for the coming year, while Tom continues to edit Across The Narrows. Betsy Cadbury continues to provide valuable skills as secretary. FOHI will surely profit from the breadth and advice of this expanded leadership team, and the coming year promises to offer exciting opportunities to help support the Audubon Camp in Maine.