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2004 Work and Learn Session (1/04)
Scheduled for June 13-18, 2004


Newly designed as a Fun, Friend, and Fundraiser!

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Interim FOHI President David Klinger and the Audubon Camp in Maine staff cordially invite you to this very special session, the focus of which will be getting the camp ready for its 2004 season opening. 

There will be plenty of work - trail maintenance, painting, hauling supplies, gardening, dorm cleaning, etc. – and two nifty “learn” events.  We’ll tour the bay, including a look at the returning colony of terns and puffins on Eastern Egg Rock, and arrangements have been made for a play based on the life and works of Rachel Carson entitled “A Sense of Wonder” by actress Kaiulani Lee.  We’ll also conduct early morning bird walks (Tom Leckey plans to be back!) and there should be time for you to take a leisurely stroll to the Bingham Cottages and beyond.

Roll up your sleeves, dust off your sleeping bags, gather your tools and summon your energy for this enjoyable week.  You’ll be welcomed with open arms (Seth and Captain Chris), well cared for (Bob Halpert and Janni will be in the kitchen), lovingly organized (Anthony and Sue will have the chore list), and entertained (Kaiulani Lee). 

And if that is not enticing enough, beautiful Muscongus Bay awaits you – eagles, osprey, puffins, terns, and the magical and majestic island itself.  Come sleep by the edge of the sea, rejuvenate your sense of wonder, and do service work in the company of old friends.

Minimum donation: $400 per person (includes dinner and admission to the mid-week performance, which is a Hog Island fundraising event).

To sign up: Call Linda Ledoux, Maine Audubon Registrar, at 1-888-325 -5261