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Friends of Our Trails

About Us

In 2006, Friends of Our Trails has merged with the Coastal Trails Coalition. Learn more...

FOOT was an informal group of outdoor enthusiasts based in Newbury, Newburyport, and West Newbury, Massachusetts. The goals were:

  • To have fun
  • To organize local non-motorized walks and bike rides, canoe/kayak paddles and cross-country ski trips
  • To be advocates for local trails, and to help build, maintain and map them
  • To be of assistance to existing trails and conservation organizations in our towns and city
  • To focus on, but not be limited to, the three Newburys

FOOT Steering Committee (2006)

  • Kate Day, West Newbury, Treasurer
  • Aaron Millett, Georgetown
  • Jean Doyle, Newbury
  • Steve Moore, Newburyport
  • Tom Horth, Newburyport
  • Dan Streeter, Newbury
  • Richard Lombard, Groveland
  • Joe Teixeira, Newburyport