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Friends of Our Trails

Trail Maps Now Available

We are extremely fortunate to have three large Massachusetts Fish and Game Wildlife Management Areas with many trails in our neighborhood. They are Martin Burns WMA in Newbury, William Forward WMA in Newbury and Rowley, and Crane Pond WMA in Groveland, Georgetown, Byfield and West Newbury. FOOT volunteers have been mapping the trails in these three areas using Global Positioning Systems (GPS).

These are all very large and very beautiful wild areas with many trails. While they are used for hunting at certain times of year (but never on Sunday in Massachusetts), they are wonderful for hiking, cross-country skiing, birding and mountain biking much of the year. Motorized vehicles are not permitted. William Forward and Crane Pond WMA's are also great for canoeing and kayaking if you choose your time right.

These colorful maps, with information about the areas on the back, have now been printed in limited quantity and are available at Riverside Cycles in the Tannery in Newburyport. The price is $6 for the set of three maps, or $2.50 each. Should there be any profit beyond printing costs, it will go to trail maintenance and other FOOT projects.