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Friends of Our Trails

August 1998 News and Meetings

We've now had two public meetings about non-motorized trails in the three Newburys and one trail workparty/walk, all with great turnout and enthusiasm. This newsletter is an attempt to summarize the trails situation and to propose a next step. Your ideas and input are needed.

Trails Organization Proposal

From our meetings, trail workparty and other sources we have compiled quite a list of interested people. If we organize just a little bit we could have local walks, rides and other informal events, including occasional trail building and maintenance workparties. We probably don't want to get too formal about all this just yet. For those of you familiar with the Boxford Trails Association or the AMC Andover Committee, both of those seem like good models, although they have more formal organization than we probably need.

Some thoughts about possible goals:

  • to have fun.
  • to organize local non-motorized walks and bike rides, and maybe even equestrian rides, canoe/kayak paddles and cross-country ski trips (should it ever snow again).
  • to be advocates for local trails, and to help build, maintain and map them.
  • to be of assistance to existing trails and conservation organizations in our towns and city.
  • to focus on, but not be limited to, the three Newburys (just as the two groups mentioned above look to a much broader area or membership than their names suggest)

We have a number of people who have volunteered to lead walks and bike rides (road and mountain). Many of you have already demonstrated a willingness to help build trails. Let's get together and set up a fall event schedule. We can also choose a name for our group (so get those ideas rolling), and decide which offices need to be filled, if any. Do we need a chair? a newsletter editor? an event coordinator? Should we charge a couple of bucks dues to pay for postage for a newsletter? If so, do we need a treasurer?

If you let Tom Horth know your ideas (for organization, name, whatever), he will compile them. Contact him by phone at 463-8843, post at 2 Neptune St., Newburyport, MA 01950, or e-mail at