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Friends of Our Trails

September 1998 News

News from the August 31 Trails Meeting

Besides setting up the event schedule, we brainstormed and discussed potential names for our group. Two that gained the most support were NEwbury Area Trailblazers (NEAT) and Friends of our Trails (FOOT). Jay Collier and Tom Horth agreed to try to sort it out, especially since Jay needs a decision so he can set up our web page. The results are above.

We didn't attempt to set up a formal organization, but did select an informal committee of volunteers to run things until we figure out something better. The work will be divvied up among them, although two volunteered for specific jobs. They are:

There seemed to be pretty much unanimous agreement that the goals for the group, proposed in the last newsletter, were a good starting point. They were, briefly, have fun, organize hikes, rides, trail workparties, etc., advocate for trails, assist other trails/conservation organizations, and focus on the greater Newburys area.

We also talked about how to pay for distribution of this newsletter. The cost of sending it by e-mail is essentially zero, but by paper is about 50¢ per for printing and postage. So it was suggested that we request a $5 donation per address for paper recipients. That will pay for at least a year.

Please send your donation to our Treasurer, Kate Day, P.O. Box 601, West Newbury, MA 01985. Or send your e-mail address to Tom Horth,

Hope to see you hiking/biking/canoeing, and at the next meeting on Monday, Nov. 2, 7:30 PM..

Some tips on safety during hunting season

The main 1998 Massachusetts hunting seasons of concern are the grouse season from Oct. 17 to Nov. 28 and the deer season from Nov. 30 to Dec. 19, except Sundays. There is never any hunting allowed on Sundays in Massachusetts. If you are in a woods where hunting is allowed, wear hunter orange. This is required by law in Wildlife Management Areas during these periods. Note that New Hampshire hunting seasons are different.

Next FOOT Meeting - Monday, Nov. 2 - 7:30 PM

We will set up our winter hike/cross-counrty-ski/trail-workparty schedule. Meet at 87 Coffin St. in West Newbury. Coffin St. is off the north side of Rt. 113 just west of the Mill Pond Conservation Area. 87 Coffin is down near the river. Car pool if possible, as parking is limited. Call Tom Horth (978-463-8843) or other committee members for further info.