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A Farewell Address (1/00)


Next year, the Burlington Section and the GMC celebrate a 90th birthday. For 90 years, we have worked to build, maintain, and protect the Long Trail. Some very colorful people have passed through our section on their life journeys. A few of them have had the privilege of serving as section president.

Two years ago, members of this section bestowed that privilege on me. I had a couple of modest goals when I began my tenure: to strengthen the relationship between the section and the GMC, and to establish a tradition of regular section members meetings. I think that I made some progress on both of these goals. Meanwhile, the trails and shelters in our area are in great shape, and the section continues to be a strong and vital part of the GMC.

Thank you for making me your president and for helping me and the section during my tenure. I am confident that the person who takes my place will continue to strengthen the section and keep it moving forward in the new century.