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Burlington Section News and Notes (3/00)

Section Holds Annual Meeting

Burlington Section held its annual meeting January 29 with 95 people present.

Ben Rose, GMC executive director, and Rolfe Anderson, GMC president, were present and spoke briefly.

The section recognized and thanked the following:

  • Retiring officers — Dana Baron, Sylvia Ewerts, Nancy Nesbitt, Fred Kosnitsky
  • Herm Hoffman — new masthead design for Ridge Lines
  • Sally Spear — Ridge Lines
  • Dot Myer, Pete Saile, Brenda Wright, Herm Hoffman, Fred Kosnitsky, Dana Baron, Ken Austin, Pat Collier — outing leaders who led four or more outings.

Cheryl Vreeland, Laraway Section president, expressed her appreciation for the cooperation between the two sections.

The following officers were elected:

  • Mary Lou Recor president
  • Pam Gillis vice president
  • Sue Gerard secretary
  • Sarah Berger treasurer
  • Dot Myer membership
  • Phil Hazen, Paul Houchens outings
  • Patricia Collier publicity
  • Sally Spear Ridge Lines
  • Pam Gillis, John Sharp trails
  • Leo Leach shelters
  • Brenda Wright special events
  • Pam Gillis GMC director
  • Deborah Brown alternate director
  • Education office was not filled.

Good News for Sections

At the January 22 Board of Directors meeting, we voted to increase the percentage of dues returned to the sections from 20% to 25% beginning May 2000 (the start of the GMC fiscal year).

We also reviewed the ongoing negotiations for the purchase of additional property. The GMC is seeking more land near the GMC headquarters in order to provide better housing for field staff and volunteers.

We learned that the projected costs for a workshop in the north barn (at $20,000) and office space in the basement of the south barn (at $120,000) are higher than was originally estimated.

A long-awaited new edition of the Day Hikers Guide will be available June 1. Work has begun on a new edition of the Long Trail Guide. Volunteers to check on trail conditions are welcome.

Phil Hazen, a Burlington Section member, is one of five nominees for the position of general director.