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Gardiner Lane Honored (7/00)

Gardiner Lane, a Burlington Section / GMC member for many years, was one of two recipients of honorary life memberships at the GMC's annual meeting.

Among Gardiner's contributions to the GMC:

  • Development of cooperative agreements in the 1960's with landowners to protect the Long Trail system. Bolton Valley Corporation was the first to sign.

  • Appointed assistant to the GMC President in 1971, he maintained communication and liaison with state, federal, and private organizations. He attended hearings and represented GMC concerns.

  • Service as part-time executive secretary for the GMC. Gardiner realized the Club's need for a full-time executive director and was instrumental in selecting the GMC's first executive director in 1976.

  • Creation of a program to protect the summits of the Green Mountains with trained, on-site personnel. He assisted in originating the ranger program on Camels Hump in cooperation with the state. The concept developed into the summit caretakers of today.

Other achievements

Gardiner represented the GMC and Bolton Valley Corp. in planning and cutting a trail from Bolton Valley to the Trapp ski area in Stowe.

Gardiner assisted the Burlington Section in its successful project to sell T-shirts. Section volunteers used his basement, silk-screening equipment, and expertise to design the shirts, and his living and dining rooms to dry them.

Today, Gardiner continues his work for the GMC as a trail and shelter adopter. He and Clem Holden have adopted Buchanan Shelter and the LT from Buchanan to the summit of Bolton Mtn.