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In Memoriam: Dot Pirkanen (10/00)

Dorothy “Dot” Pirkanen died June 5. She was predeceased by her husband “Pirk” Pirkanen, in October, 1999.

Dorothy was an avid outdoorswoman who loved hiking, canoeing, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, and biking. She completed the Long Trail and was awarded an end-to-end certificate in 1972. She was an active member of the GMC, serving as outing chair, shelter adopter, and volunteer at the GMC headquarters.

Dorothy was awarded an honorary lifetime membership, and was a recent recipient of the Roy O. Buchanan Award acknowledging her service to the club. In 1998 the GMC's workshop was named the “Dorothy and Walfrid Pirkanen Field Workshop” in their honor. She was a charter member of the Silver Streakers biking group.

Family and friends shared joyous memories of Dot at the memorial service held in her honor June 24. The following tribute by her friend Ed Williams speaks for all who knew Dot:

I think all of us are familiar with the saying that a pessimist is one who sees the glass as half empty, while the optimist sees it as half full.

And then we have Dot ... . And it seems to me that her outlook was that however much the glass contained, it was plenty - with always enough, always enough, to share with others.

And even with only an inch of liquid, it could be just the right thing to use as a vase for a beautiful bouquet of flowers.

And with no water at all? Perhaps the perfect container for collecting wild berries as she hiked along her way.

Truly, we have all been blessed to have known her.