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2000 - A Banner Year (04/01)

Butler Lodge Rebuilt, 103 Outings, 37 Outing Leaders, Record Total Volunteer Hours, 157 New Members

The Section annual meeting was held Saturday, January 27, 2001, at the First Unitarian Universalist Society in Burlington. The meeting opened with the traditional social hour and dinner. Approximately 70 members attended.

Mary Lou Recor, president, began the business meeting by introducing the current members of the executive committee and acknowledging Jay Collier's work to develop and maintain the Burlington Section Web site. A special thank you was extended to Brenda Wright and Llyn Ellison, who organized the annual meeting. A moment of remembrance was held for Dot Pirkanen who died this past year.

Special guests included Ben Rose, executive director, GMC, and Pete Ketcham, GMC field supervisor.

Minutes of last year's annual meeting and the treasurer's report, including the 2001 budget, were reviewed and approved. Following the presentation of committee reports, election of officers, and announcements, Wendy Scott and Al Stirt concluded the evening with a slide presentation, “Crossing the Ungava Peninsula by Canoe".

Committee Report Summary

Member's Meetings / Publicity

Patricia Collier reported that the Member's Meetings are now held in Memorial Lounge in Waterman Building at UVM.


Dot Myer reported that the section membership has grown 14 % over last year and now has 742 adult members. Eighty-two percent live in Chittenden County including 24 % in the Burlington area. The remaining 18% live in other parts of Vermont, 16 other states, the Province of Quebec, and England.

Special Events

Brenda Wright reported that events held included annual meeting, a Taylor Series presentation in Burlington last February, and GMC exhibits at Eastern Mountain Sports in April and October.


Phil Hazen and Paul Houchens reported that a total of 103 scheduled trips, including work related outings, were conducted. Trip leaders now number 37, including six new leaders in 2000 and five new leaders in 2001. The increased number of leaders allows for multiple trips to occur on the same day, affording diversity and choices. Paul Houchens gave the following leaders who led four or more outings “trailside care packages” of edible goodies:

John Sharp, Pam Gillis, Phil Hazen, Mary Lou Recor, Deborah Brown, Dot Myer, Dana Baron, Ken Austin, Patricia Collier.


A report presented by Deborah Brown for Pam Gillis noted good turnouts at five trail work outings with an average of ten workers. Generally, the trails were in good condition due in part to the work of the trail adopters. Thanks were extended to the volunteers; many worked multiple days.

Director's Report

Deborah Brown, alternate director, presented the director's report for Pam Gillis. Two new sections were added to the GMC this year. The GMC has an option to purchase land near the headquarters and has raised all but $50,000 of the $250,000 needed. The first priority is field staff housing on the property. The north barn has been renovated to become the Pirkanen Workshop. Named in honor of Burlington and Breadloaf Section volunteers Dot and Pirk Pirkanen, it will be dedicated June 10 at the GMC annual meeting.

Ridge Lines

Mary Lou Recor, reporting for Sally Spear, noted that she and Sally will work together on Ridge Lines this next year. Mary Lou will take over as editor at the end of her presidency.


Leo Leach reported that the shelters from Rte. 2 in Jonesville to Rte. 108 in Smuggler's Notch are in excellent condition. Privies were either improved or installed at Buchanan, Puffer, and Taylor Lodges. In addition, the shelter committee and friends assisted the Laraway Section in installing a moldering privy at Tillotson Camp.

Butler Lodge was reconstructed and opened for hikers in October. Leo thanked the many individuals who volunteered their time and services. He presented an award of appreciation (a matted sketch of the lodge drawn by Herm Hoffman) to each of the following individuals who contributed extraordinary amounts of time and work to the effort:

Dana Baron, Pete Ketcham, Fred Gilbert, Llyn Ellison, Jeff Bostwick, Deb Brown, Phil Hazen, Bruce Bushey, Dave Hardy, Gilbert Patnoe, Gary Sawyer, Cheryl Vreeland. John Brown and Scott Christiansen received framed prints.

President Mary Lou Recor concluded the awards by presenting Leo with a framed print.

Election of Officers

Section members approved the following slate of officers.

  • President: Mary Lou Recor
  • Vice President Pam Gillis
  • Secretary: Sue Girouard
  • Treasurer: Sarah Berger
  • Membership: Dot Myer
  • Publicity: Patricia Collier
  • Ridge Lines: Sally Spear
  • Shelters: Chris Hanna
  • Special Events: Brenda Wright
  • Outings: Phil Hazen, Paul Houchens
  • Trails: Pam Gillis, John Sharp
  • Education: Walter Lepushenko
  • Director: Deborah Brown
  • Director Alternate: Dana Baron

  • Other news and events