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Section News
Mud Season and Member's Meetings (01/01)

Vermont's Fifth Season — MUD!

HIKER REMINDER Protect the trails by not hiking on them during wet spring months. Higher elevations are especially vulnerable. If you want to be on the trail, join the LT Walk-Throughs (trail work outings) in May.

Contact Pam Gillis, 802 879-1457;

Butler Lodge Grand Reopening
Sunday June 3

Meet at 8:15 a.m. at UVM or at
9 a.m. at the Stevensville trailhead
11 a.m. Gather at the Lodge and Share Butler stories
NOON bring your lunch. Refreshments served.

Information: Dana Baron 802 878-6773

Member's Meeting
Escapades of an Amateur Photographer
Thursday May 10 at 7 PM

Judy Farina with favorite slides of Utah and New England's foliage season

Members and public invited.
Memorial Lounge (Room 338)
Waterman Building UVM Campus

Information: Patricia Collier 863-1145

Loose Ends - Mary Lou Recor

As I sit at my computer writing this, I can stare at my summer clothes hung not-quite-so-neatly above my outdoor gear in the closet of the spare room. Itís March, and I long to hike in a pair of quick-drying nylon shorts and cotton T-shirt, even as the snow blows and drifts outside the window. Winter still has some loose ends to tie.

Last December, the Burlington Section Executive Committee voted to donate $300 to the newly formed Northeast Kingdom Section for the purchase of trail maintenance tools. The Northeast Kingdom Section now has bylaws, officers, and fifty-seven members at last count. Although they haven't a section of Long Trail to maintain, they are actively involved in the planning for the former Champion lands in northeastern Vermont.

In February, we voted to fund a Wilderness First Aid scholarship to one of our section trip leaders. To qualify, s/he must have led more than three outings in the past year, be a section member, and be willing to write an article about the experience for Ridge Lines. The course is taught by professionals from Stonehearth Open Learning Opportunities (SOLO) and is held at GMC headquarters.

After five years as shelters coordinator, Leo Leach is moving on; he assures me he will still be an active section member. Leo leaves behind a legacy of well-maintained shelters and the newly rebuilt Butler Lodge, complete with ìsettinî porch. Chris Hanna, trip leader and Sunset Ridge trail adopter, will replace Leo.

January's annual meeting brought other changes to the section. Two volunteers have stepped forward to serve as education coordinators, Brynne Lazarus and Walter Lepuschenko.

After more than 30 years editing Ridge Lines, Sally Spear will retire at the end of this year. She will be difficult to replace, but she's convinced me to try. I will work with her on this years issues and take over the editing in 2002. Please be patient.