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Leadership Committee Formed (1/02)


Each year, the Burlington Section leads more than 100 outings. To do this, we need a large group of volunteers willing to share their weekends and their love of the outdoors with others.

With this in mind, we formed a Leadership Committee to look into our outing philosophy, the ways we recruit trip leaders, what type of training, if any, we need to provide and whether we need to establish guidelines for our leaders. We are looking at all aspects of trip leading, from the initial telephone contact to car pooling to trail head introductions and instructions for dealing with those ìsurprisesî which arise on the trail.

This newly-formed group has met twice and each member has selected a topic to research and report back to the committee with recommendations. We surveyed the current outing leaders to find out what ways the section can help them. Some committee members are talking with leaders in the GMC's Waterbury Center office and in other outdoor organizations to find out what they do and what resources are available to us.

The committee members are Sarah Berger, Deb Brown, Pat Collier, Sue Girouard, Chris Hanna, Phil Hazen, Paul Houchens, Walter Lepuschenko and Brenda Wright. Please contact committee members if you have any comments or suggestions.