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Outdoor Workshops Planned (1/02)

After a year's hiatus, the education committee is up and running and more active than ever.

In October, Scott Smalley, the GMC education coordinator, led a three-hour first aid refresher course for Section trip leaders. He reviewed basic skills of evaluating an accident scene, assessing the victimís condition, and planning an evacuation. At the end of the evening, he answered specific questions from the volunteer leaders. This workshop is the first in a proposed series designed to reinforce leadership skills in our volunteers.

Besides offering courses for outing leaders, the committee plans to organize workshops for both members and non-members. The workshops will focus on alternative ways to appreciate, respect, understand and enjoy the outdoors. This past summer, geologist Jon Kim led a geology hike to Abbey Pond. Maeve Kim (no relation) continues to lead expeditions for beginning birders.

On March 2, Brynne Lazarus and Walter Lepuschenko will provide snowshoes and instruction for anyone who wants to travel on top of the snow. On March 9, dendrologist Mike Synder will lead an outing through the woods on Mt. Philo to teach participants how to identify trees even in their winter starkness. And on the weekend of March 16-17, professional guide Jane Dudley and hiking guru Michele Morris will lead an overnight camping trip for beginners who are experienced winter hikers. (See Ridge Lines Outings, page 5, for details.)

Watch for more workshops throughout the coming year and join us as we improve our skills and learn new ways to enjoy the outdoors.

    - Walter Lepuschenko with Brynne Lazarus