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Getting Involved (5/05)

Want to be a more active part of the Burlington section, but not sure you're up to trail work? Here are four ways to get involved.

The Burlington Section of the Green Mountain Club is made up of hundreds of families and individuals who enjoy and want to help protect hiking and wilderness in Vermont. Most members pay their dues, read parts of Ridge Lines and the Long Trail News, and get out on the trails a few times a year. But the GMC depends on members who do more. Every year, many volunteers work on trails, maintain shelters, do community outreach activities, and serve on the executive committee.

Right now the Burlington Section is in need of two energetic and thoughtful volunteers to donate their time and ideas.

Trail Adopters Needed

Throughout the year, our trails are monitored by adopters who keep track of conditions on their sections of the trail. Right now, we have 4 trails available for adoption: 

  • Long Trail: Bolton Notch Road to Buchanan Shelter Spur
  • Long Trail - Eagles Nest to Ravens Wind (Bolton Valley) 
  • Long Trail: Mt. Mayo - Mayo-Clark Col 
  • Sunset Ridge - from Underhill State Park to treeline, including Cantilever Rock Trail (a .2 mile long spur off the Sunset Ridge Trail)

You can volunteer singly or you can share the duties with a friend. To choose your trail or to get more information, contact Sue Girouard at 644-5941 or

Outings Co-Chair Needed

Are you organized and computer-savvy? Do you have a few hours every three months?

There are two Outings co-chairs. The role we need to fill is someone to communicate with outing leaders to fill the activities schedule every 3 months. (Paul Houchens, the other Co-Chair, takes care of assembling the information for Ridge Lines and receiving outing reports.)

The job that needs to be filled is primarily done by email, with some phone calls required. Access to email is a requirement of the position. We’ve got a large list of outing leaders, so the schedule generally fills up easily. Phil Hazen, who has held this position for several years, says the job is a lot of fun!

If you’d like some more details, please contact Phil at 879-1302 or you’re willing and able to take on this important role, please contact the nominating committee chair, Pam Gillis, at

Shelters Chairperson Needed

The Burlington Section is responsible for seven shelter sites on the Long Trail between Jonesville and Smuggler's Notch.

The shelters chair's duties include: sending out shelter inspection forms (done mostly by email) to shelter adopters in the spring and fall, forwarding the reports to GMC field staff, reporting shelter status to the Burlington executive committee (and attending meetings if possible), coordinating any major repairs with GMC supervisor of field programs and with the shelter adopter(s), storing tools for shelter work, and being a voting member of the Burlington Executive committee. It’s helpful if candidates have some carpentry skills.

Contact Pam Gillis at 879-1457 or

Help Out at the GMC Annual Meeting at Smuggs

Volunteer to help with registration or logistics at the Annual Meeting. It’s a great location, you’ll be surrounded by other people who share your love of the outdoors, and you’ll have plenty of time to participate in some hikes or other activities. Call Sue at 644-5941 or