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The Peak Bagger's Quiz (7/05)

For many people, mountain summits are places that are good for the soul. Thousands of hikers hit Vermont’s trails every year, the greatest numbers between the Fourth of July and the end of foliage season. Most hikers head for a summit, looking for the unique combination of excitement and serenity that’s found on a mountaintop.

Here are the seven questions. Good luck!

The Quiz

  1. When seen from the Underhill side, what is the ridgeline of Vermont’s highest mountain supposed to resemble?
  2. Where are the alarmingly-named Hell Brook and Profanity Trails?
  3. Another name for Camels Hump is the Lion.
  4. Place these mountains in order according to height.

    Mount Mansfield
    Mt. Abraham
    Mt. Ellen
    Killington Peak
    Camels Hump
  5. What four Vermont mountains have summit caretakers during the busy hiking season?
  6. What is Frenchman’s Pile and what does it commemorate?
  7. Which is highest: Mt. Mansfield’s Chin, Forehead, Nose or Adam’s Apple?

High Inspiration

While you're thinking about these questions, here are a few inspirational quotes to keep you motivated.

This issue celebrates Vermont’s summits and those who work to protect them.
Flee as a bird to your mountain. — Psalms

Look not thou down, but up! — Browning

High mountains are a feeling. — Byron

Hillmen desire their hills! — Kipling

Hills whose heads touch heaven — Shakespeare

The Vermont mountains stretch, extended straight. — Frost

Trust in all things high comes easy to him. — Tennyson

On the mountains there is freedom! — Schiller

Life always gets harder toward the summit -
the cold increases, responsibility increases.
— Nietzsche

Does the road wind up hill
all the way?
Yes, to the very end.
Will the day’s journey
take the whole long day?
From morn to night, my friend.
— Rosetti