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Memories from Bolton Lodge (10/05)

Peg Whitson of Burlington was caretaker at Bolton Lodge over thirty years ago. Here’s part of a letter that first appeared in Ridge Lines in March 1975.

It’s gone, much too quickly. It was not a spectacular summer, like a raft trip in the Grand Canyon. It was a summer of peace and people and sharing. A summer of feeling no need for spending or television or loud parties. I missed ice cold drinks and a good reading light – nothing more.

I have met over 800 people, only nine of whom I wouldn’t welcome back. Are people different on the trail or does a different sort of person use the trail? … I was angry only once. Never depressed, except when I thought about the end. A perfect balance of delicious solitude and plenty of good company. It was a summer of hard physical labor coupled with complete relaxation beside a campfire or a secluded swimming hole. I have a renewed faith in the human race, especially young people. There was no generation gap.

And more than all of this, I feel I have served my guests well. More appreciation I have never received! I’ve learned to be generous with what I have. I’ve given food, stove, candles and time. I have received in return more food, more money, more fuel, and best of all so much goodwill.