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Section Notes (1/06)

Thank You from the President

Looking back over the last year, I cannot help but think of all the volunteer efforts that make the Burlington Section such a great organization to be a part of. We have the executive committee, listed on the Outing Schedule card, the people who make those committees function from trip leaders, shelter adopters, trail adopters, trail work people, Ridge Lines mailers, special events and more. And we have our complete Burlington Section membership that support us by being members year after year that is so important to all of our work.

Thanks to everyone in the Burlington Section for your support.

Have a Great New Year! — Phil


Notice of Proposed Amendments to the Bylaws of the Burlington Section of the Green Mountain Club, Inc.

At the Feb 4th Annual Meeting, members will consider and vote on bylaw amendments related to quorum requirements. They are available from president Phil Hazen. Please read the amendments before the meeting and come prepared to participate in the discussion.

A Correction

In the October issue of Ridge Lines, we absent-mindedly moved a big chunk of mountain four miles or so (and we did it without an army of volunteers armed with grip hoists and come-alongs!). We said that Taylor Lodge is in Nebraska Notch, between Mansfield and Dewey – but actually Nebraska Notch is between Clark and Dewey Mountains. Reader Dave Keenan of Essex Junction noticed the error.

Dave’s been a member of the Burlington Section of the GMC since the early sixties and has spent at least two dozen nights in Taylor Lodge. He’s a two time end-to-ender, first completing the Long Trail in 50-mile segments and then hiking it straight through the second time. Dave has also hiked many sections several times.

The October issue brought back many memories for Dave. “I remember the oyster stew suppers [at Taylor Lodge] with Don and Beverly Remick and I remember a winter outing to a cabin in Moscow with Roy Buchanan.”