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Get Involved: Six Ways to Become an Active Part of the Burlington Section (4/06)

1. Adopt a Shelter

Throughout the year, Long Trail overnight sites are monitored by adopters who keep track of conditions and arrange for any necessary repairs. We are currently interviewing for adoption of Taylor and Butler Lodges. If you’re interested in this opportunity, please contact John Connell or Linda Evans. You can reach John at 899-2375 or Linda is at 899-3006 or

2.  Adopt a Trail

A beautiful section of the Long Trail is temporarily orphaned. We’re looking for someone to adopt the trail from Taft Lodge to Route 108. Contact Sue Girouard at 644-5941 or,

3.  Tell the Public about the GMC – at the EMS Upgrade Your Gear Sale

From April 28 through April 30, everything in Eastern Mountain Sports is on sale, up to 20% off. On April 27 from 4PM until closing, there are special shopping hours for people with membership cards for a variety of outdoor and environmental clubs, including the Green Mountain Club.

GMC will have a display in the store during the sale. We need volunteers to sit at our table, answer questions from shoppers, and sign up anyone who would like to become a member. Volunteers usually work for two-hour shifts. If you’re interested, contact Dot Myer at 863-2433.

The Upgrade Your Gear sale is a great chance to replace equipment that’s been bugging you for ages. You’ll be able to head out for this summer’s activities with the right tools to insure that you’ll have fun and be safe. Eastern Mountain Sports is on Dorset Street in South Burlington.

4.  Share Your Outdooor Adventures

We’re issuing an invitation to backpackers, end-to-enders, paddlers, rock climbers, day hikers, long-distance skiers, and all outdoorsmen and women. Would you like to share your experiences in a welcoming setting, with lots of people who share your love of the outdoors? We’re looking for a presenter for next February’s Annual Meeting of the Burlington Section. If you’ve taken an excursion that has excited or delighted you, or if you’re planning an adventure for this summer or fall, think about being our featured speaker. You don’t have to commit yourself now, but if you have a tale to tell and think you might want to share it, please leave your name with Anneliese Koenig at 862-4629. Tell Anneliese what you might want to talk about and be sure to leave her a way to reach you.

 5.  Co-chair the Education Committee

Each year, the Education Committee organizes several outings designed to teach participants about nature or outdoor skills. We’re looking for a volunteer to share leadership of this important committee with seasoned veteran Walter Lepuschenko. Contact Walter at 849-6493 or

6.  Contribute to Ridge Lines

Have you heard something amusing, astonishing or amazing along the trail? We’d love to use your story in our Heard Along the Trail feature. We’re also looking for reminiscences about favorite hikes, trails or shelters; tales about animal encounters; and great trail recipes you’d like to share with other hikers. Fill out our volunteer form and be sure to mention your story topic.