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More Musings at the end of a Long Day's Hike (2/07)

In the last issue of Ridge Lines, we featured quotes from Long Trail shelter logs. Readers asked for more – so here they are.

We were the first ones to break through the spider webs as we made our way up the trail. We’re truly in the wild.

The winds tore at our backpacks with ferocity – but MAN PREVAILED OVER THE ELEMENTS!

Nothing warms the soul like a cup of hot brew and a good friend talking the day away.

Ya gotta love Deet.

For a first time hiker, this was a challenging day – but the view and the exhilaration made it worthwhile. I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else on earth right now!

Fellow hikers beware! During the night some critter walked off with my toothbrush.

Walked up with my pookie poo, hand in hand, admiring the sunset through his beautiful, sparkling blue eyes.

Today was off the meter!

From a family hiking during a heavy rainstorm: Pea soup clouds, rain and wind – but luckily eight-year-old girls can be persuaded to try anything if there’s chocolate at the end.

Written in a young child’s printing: Well. I trew up all night.