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Burlington Section Prepares for Cleanup (5/98)


We have reports of severe ice damage around Butler Lodge and on the north side of Bolton Mt. summit. We know of some moderate damage to other areas within our section of the Long Trail (Smugglers Notch to the Winooski River).  Any additional information hikers have on trail conditions will be helpful in organizing trail work.

Volunteers needed

We want to use volunteers as effectively as possible. If we have enough people, we may subdivide into two or three smaller work groups and will also need experienced leaders for each group. If you can volunteer to help, and we hope you will, contact me (Pam Gillis) in advance with dates when you are available.

Safety is important. We encourage workers who use chain saws to wear hard hats and chain saw chaps and to use goggles. We have three sets of this equipment (with ear protection as part of the hard hat), plus more hard hats for people removing sawed wood or cutting with handsaws. We have purchased a new chain saw and some folding saws, but it will be helpful if you have a saw or other equipment you are willing to bring.

We need volunteers of all abilities. Though our first priority will be clearing ice damage, we want to do as much regular maintenance as possible. We especially hope to have people on outings later in May since snow may hinder our work earlier.