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August GMC Board of Directors Meeting (10/98)

BY PAM GILLIS, Burlington Section Director

As a director elected from the Burlington Section, I represent this section on the Board of Directors. The Board is made up of one director from each section and an equal number of general directors. General directors represent the entire membership including members at-large. GMC officers (president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer) are also members of the Board.

The purpose of the Board is to provide direction to the Club, to approve the budget, to hire the Executive Director, and to make major decisions affecting the Club. The Board meets four times a year: September, January, March, and at the annual meeting in June. Members are welcome to attend meetings.

Each director also serves as a member of at least one Club committee. It is in the committees that much of the direction of the Club occurs. The committees review and discuss, then make recommendations to the Board. GMC staff members participate on committees and run the day to day affairs of the Club. Staff and the many volunteers execute the Club's activities.

As a Director, I serve on the Trail Management Committee and on a sub-committee on communication towers. As a member of the Executive Director Search Committee, I helped select the new Director, Ben Rose.

Trail Camp Considered

The last Trail Management meeting August 25 was a long one. The first and most controversial issue we discussed concerned a camp located off Rt. 118. It is located on land the Club plans to purchase for Long Trail protection and then turn over to the State. The camp, though not impressive, is in good condition and could provide lodging for GMC'ers traveling long distances to do trail and shelter work. Because of its location, the Laraway and Burlington Sections might find it useful for outings and gatherings. (Interested members from both these Sections attended the meeting.) Ownership of the camp would involve some expenses for upkeep, utilities, possibly taxes, and, when the camp is no longer used, the cost of removal.

We discussed the pros and cons, bearing in mind that the GMC policy is to retain structures only if they serve a direct trail purpose. We realized we needed more information before we could reach a decision.

Projects Reviewed

We also reviewed a proposed trail and shelter agreement between the Club and the Killington Section aimed at better coordination of maintenance work. We thought it was good and made some recommendations.

Other topics we reviewed and discussed were the status of the Stowe Mountain Resort Planning, a fiield program report, and possible changes in the Club policy regarding the size of group outings and the number of leaders

As you can see, it was a full meeting, and the next meeting should be just as full. If you have comments, I hope you'll let me know. I'll keep you posted.