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Burlington section President's Report
Club Planning, Taft Lodge, and our Bylaws (10/98)


Here are a few activities in and around the Burlington section.

I am serving on the new GMC Capital Planning Task Force. This committee will review all of the plans for capital spending over the next 3-5 years. Topping the list is discussion about additions and renovations to the office at Waterbury Center. But many other plans and ideas will also be discussed. Executive Director Ben Rose formed the Committee to focus discussion and set priorities for the Club's future development. If you have any ideas or suggestions you'd like me to take to the table, please give me a call.

We're finally updating the Burlington Section by-laws. I took a quick look at them a few days ago (after a lengthy search to find a copy) and realized that they were woefully out of date. Members of the Executive Committee have a working draft of revised by-laws. We hope to have a draft to bring to the next annual meeting in January for Section approval.

Taft Lodge will get a new composting system for its outhouse thanks in part to funds that the Section set aside at the end of the Taft rebuilding project. We used about $1300 remaining when the project was complete to create a Taft Lodge Maintenance Fund. Now this money will come in handy as Taft desperately needs a system to better drain accumulated liquids from the composting bins. We hope the new system can be installed next summer.

The Executive Committee is working on many other items. If you have questions or suggestions, please contact me or any other Executive Committee member.