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Section Officers Explore Common Grounds (1/99)


On November 7, the Burlington Section sent a large contingent of its officers to the Vermont Law School in South Royalton. We didn't go to learn about law. We went to participate in a meeting with officers from other GMC sections.

The idea was to have section officers meet so that we could share experiences, search for common solutions to common problems, and learn more about what makes each section unique.

In all, nine of the thirteen sections were represented with a cross section of officers. Also present were GMC President Rolf Anderson and members of the GMC staff including Executive Director Ben Rose.

The meeting provided a good opportunity for staff members and section officers to work toward a common understanding of the issues before the club. Andy Nuquist gave an interim report on the work of the Sections Committee. This served as a basis for discussion of the relationship between the sections and the headquarters. In the end, I believe the Sections Committee came away with a better understanding of its mission.

By the end of the meeting, I felt a consensus that we had reached a new plateau in main club/section relations. In the summary session, people talked of moving beyond improving relations. People appeared to feel that we could now come together to address common issues before the club.