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1999 Annual Meeting
Members Honor Long-term Volunteers


About 110 Burlington Section members and friends gathered on January 23, 1999, for the section annual meeting. In the past, an attendance this large would have taxed the limits of our meeting space. This year, however, we met at a new venue: the Community Hall at Williston Woods. Space was more than adequate, and the facility was bright and comfortable.

The meeting began with the traditional social hour during which section T-shirts were on sale as well as raffle tickets for a painting of the new Spruce Ledge Shelter donated by artist Valerie Ugro.

Following a lasagna dinner, Dana Baron on behalf of the section thanked Dot and “Pirk” Pirkanen for their tremendous contribution to the Green Mountain Club over the past 40 years. Members recalled and shared some past Pirkanen-led outings: leaving snowshoes in the car when the trail had six feet of snow; riding the chairlift up Mt. Mansfield for an Easter sunrise service; how Pirk fixed an outhouse door which is still working fine. Though the Pirkanens could not be present, their ears were surely ringing that night. A letter to the Pirkanens conveyed the thanks of the section.

GMC guests included Rolf Anderson, GMC president; Ben Rose, GMC executive director; and Lars Botzojorns, director of field programs.

During the business meeting, the section unanimously adopted a new set of bylaws, heard committee reports highlighted by Mary Lou Recor's survival kit gifts to people who led more than four hikes last year, and elected a new Executive Committee.

Once the business was taken care of, the meeting turned back to fun. Drs. Scott Luria and Jason Lang shared with us slides and stories of their successful ascent of Mt. McKinley in June 1998.

Elected EC Officers

  • President: Dana Baron
  • Vice President: Mary Lou Recor
  • Secretary: Nancy Nesbitt
  • Treasurer: Sylvia Ewerts
  • Director: Pam Gillis
  • (Alt. Director: Dana Baron)
  • Education: Fred Kosnitsky
  • Membership: Dot Myer
  • Outings: Phil Hazen, Mary Lou Recor
  • Publicity: Patricia Collier
  • Ridge Lines: Sally Spear
  • Shelters: Leo Leach
  • Trails: Pam Gillis, John Sharp

Annual Reports in Brief

Publicity: Patricia Collier. Pat reported publicity for events was working well. She suggested that hike leaders state destinations in outing descriptions as newspapers do not like to publish announcements without this information.

Special Events: Brenda Wright, Llyn Ellison. Brenda felt that annual meeting was a success. Earth Day at St. Michael's College and an event at Adventurous Traveler Bookstore both had GMC displays. The section hosted one of the Taylor Series presentations.

Education: Fred Kosnitsky. A number of educational outings ranging from orienteering to geology to natural history have been held throughout the year.

Shelters: Leo Leach, Herm Hoffman. Leo thanked retiring co-chair Herm Hoffman. In a detailed report, Leo described the status of the shelters, thanked the shelter adopters, and announced future plans. (See article on shelters.)

Membership: Dot Myer. Membership in the section now totals 572. Compared to 397 members in 1979, this is a 44% increase. Dot received 47 requests for information during the year and “was surprised to realize that more than one-third came from the Internet.” Peg Whitson has been responsible for organizing publicity and volunteers at various events during the year including EMS Club Day.

Trails: Pam Gillis, John Sharp. Dana Baron read a report from Pam Gillis stating that the 1998 ice storm dominated the past year's trail work. One benefit of the storm was that the section now had a new chain saw provided by the GMC from ice storm funds.

Ridge Lines: Sally Spear. Sally thanked members of the newsletter committee, especially Corky Magoon for providing copying and printing of the newsletter for 25-plus years. She also thanked the EC for its continued support and the trip leaders for submitting outing reports to Ridge Lines.

Outings: Mary Lou Recor, Phil Hazen. Phil Hazen thanked the trip leaders on their successful past year with the outings. Mary Lou gave a group emergency care packet to eight people who led four or more trips - Dot Myer, John Brown, Dieter Cohrs, Pat Collier, Phil Hazen, Carol Hignite, Olga Vrana, and Herm Hoffman. The packet contained gorp, engraved whistle, duct tape, matches, Band-Aids, dental floss, garbage bag, and lifesavers.