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Trails and Shelters (3/99)

Shelter Repairs Planned - Leo Leach

Shelter Committee projects for this season include:

  • a new roof on Duck Brook Shelter
  • a new composting outhouse at Puffer Shelter
  • repair of the outhouse at Laura Woodward Shelter

North of Jay Peak, the Laura Woodward Shelter lies in what has been called the “Northern Frontier”. Since this is not an area where a section maintains trails and shelters, the Burlington and Laraway Sections will be working cooperatively on the project.

Volunteers are welcome.

Spring Trail Work - Pam Gillis

We are planning five trail work outings to complete our spring walk-through of the Long Trail from Jonesville to Mt. Mansfield. We expect more limbs and trees down than in a typical year, as trees damaged from last year's ice storm continue to fall. But this year will still be much easier. We have a sixth outing planned for National Trails Day, June 5. We'll need plenty of help (though not as much as last year!).

At a recent meeting with Dave Hardy, now the GMC Field Supervisor, we discussed trails and shelters. He assured us that tools and whatever other support is needed will be available.

100 Highest Peaks in Winter

The last day of winter 1999 found John Sharp and Tony Smith completing their quest of New England's 100 highest peaks. All the peaks were winter climbs; they finished March 20 on the Sleepers in NH.

"These peaks are hard to find,” noted John when commenting on their experiences. “They’re remote and trailless and require good orienteering skills."

The most difficult? “"Probably Elephant in Maine,” said John. “Not the peak itself but the weather and the problem of finding it."

When asked what was next, Tony’s answer: “Bowling.” (Not really, if you know these two hikers.)

Congratulations, John and Tony.