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Section Member Meetings
A New Tradition


A little over a year ago, we began holding regular meetings for Burlington Section members. The idea was to have meetings especially for all section members and others interested in learning more about the section and getting to know each other. We decided to meet four times a year on the second Thursday of March, May, September, and November.


Burlington Section Meeting

Gary Sawyer

Vermont State Forests and the Long Trail

Vermont State Forester Gary Sawyer will discuss management issues related to state forests.

Thursday September 9, 7 PM

Administration Building Burlington Waste Water Treatment Plant South of Perkins Pier

Social Hour/Snacks

Questions? Call Dana 878-6773 or Patricia 863-1145. Guests Welcome.

The idea seems to have caught on. Attendance and interest in the meetings has gradually grown. We meet at the Administration Building of the Burlington Waste Water Treatment Plant on the Burlington waterfront.

At the most recent meeting, GMC President Rolf Anderson updated section members on recent developments in club issues and fielded questions from those present. A primary topic of discussion was future plans for the GMC headquarters in Waterbury Center. (See GMC Annual Meeting.)

President Anderson also spoke about leadership development in the sections, the club's role in the various land deals in the Northeast Kingdom, and the club's support for wilderness area designation for several places in the state. The discussion provided an opportunity for section members to learn the direction of the club on key issues, and to give their opinions on some important decisions facing the club.

Next meeting, September 9, State Forester Gary Sawyer will be on hand to present some of the history of the state forests.

Gary's territory includes Mt. Mansfield and Camel's Hump State Forests, areas that include large sections of the Long Trail maintained by the Burlington Section. If you have questions about the state's role in forest management and development issues, this is the time to get them answered.

Looking even further ahead, our November 11 meeting will once again give people the opportunity to show slides of their hikes and outings. Slide projectors will be provided and everyone is invited to share slides. So, this summer, remember to use some slide film in your camera on your outings.