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Inter-Section Report
Section Presidents Meet


The annual section presidents meeting was held in Rutland on April 10. Representatives from many sections including Connecticut, Worcester, and a revitalized Manchester Section attended.

Marla Handy, a leadership development consultant under contract with the GMC, conducted the first half of the meeting. She led us through several exercises designed to identify the qualities that make a good leader and a healthy section. Trying to define the “ideal section”, we found that there is no such thing. Each section has its own character, and procedures that work well for one would not work at all for another.

In the second half of the meeting, we discussed specific section issues. Financial issues emerged as a primary concern. Many sections indicated that the current uniform dues structure is causing some hardship. During the discussion, GMC Executive Director Ben Rose indicated possible consideration of a change in the dues ratio in favor of the sections.

Lasting impressions:

  • It was nice to see some of the distant sections represented and good to see that the Manchester Section is on the rebound.

  • I was pleased with the Club's response to the section concern over financial hardship.

  • I came away feeling that the Burlington Section is a strong and healthy organization with a lot to contribute to the overall health of the GMC.

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