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Trails and Shelters
Trail Relocation and a New Lodge

LT Relocation Explored - Pam Gillis

In 2002 or 2003, the Jonesville bridge across the Winooski River will be replaced, leaving LT hikers on this section of trail without a trail crossing of the river for a year. (Years ago, a local family rowed hikers across the river in a boat; many tales arose from that experience.)

The GMC has planned to eventually relocate this section of trail to avoid the lengthy road hike to the bridge. Currently a ferry is being considered to replace the bridge, but the club wishes to establish the trail relocation in the appropriate place first.

Dave Hardy, GMC Director of Field Programs, and Smith Edwards will be scouting the relocation later this summer. If you would like to participate, call the GMC in Waterbury Center and leave a message for Dave.

Butler Lodge Update - Dana Baron

Plans for the reconstruction of Butler Lodge next summer are moving ahead. The state has donated logs for the rebuild. By the end of June we expect that several volunteer work crews will have completed peeling the logs.

The next step will be moving the logs to a landing site in Underhill. Planning is underway for a commercial helicopter company to lift the logs to Butler Lodge. We will need help on the day the logs are flown, and at other times this summer as we get materials in place for building next summer .

If you would like to be part of this volunteer effort, contact Dana Baron at, or 878-6773, or Leo Leach, 878-9403.

Long Trail Walk Through - Pam Gillis

This year we held five trail work outings on our section of the Long Trail. We generally had good turnouts and good weather. We cleared the Long Trail from Jonesville to Taylor Lodge. The trail adopter cleared the LT from Taylor to Butler and reported no problems. Since we knew of trees down on the Butler, Wampahoofus, and Rock Garden trails, we then chose to clear those instead.

We found more trees than usual down, probably trees that had been damaged in the 1998 ice storm. We were also able to improve a very muddy spot above Bolton Valley, thanks to having plenty of volunteers. Three people worked on that area, while two other groups of four each worked on trail sections.

Many thanks to all who helped make the trails ready for this hiking season.

1999 Field Staff On Mt. Mansfield - Leo Leach

I recently spent a beautiful Sunday evening in May at the Stone Hut on Mt. Mansfield. It was the first day of the new caretakers orientation, and Smith Edwards, Scott Christiansen, and I were invited to join them and their field supervisors for dinner.

The meeting was a wonderful opportunity to increase communication between caretakers, field staff, and section volunteers who work on the Long Trail and its shelters. I also feel this was another positive step in strengthening the Burlington Section shelter adopter program. Pete Ketchem, GMC northern field supervisor, coordinated the meeting.