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  • This list includes web sites with information about outdoor recreation, conservation, and education groups, resources, and activities.

User guidelines

  • NatureCompass Nature Links lists web sites for groups and companies whose membership is open to the general public. Nature Links does not list any group which limits membership based on race, color, sex, religion, national origin, age, disability based on EEOC guidelines.

Geographic range

  • Nature Links includes sites relevant to Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, and Massachusetts. Other links which provide interpretive resources relevant to this geographic region may also included.

Commercial links and usage

  • NatureCompass LLC lists not-for-profit, educational, and governmental sites. Included non-for-profit sites should be officially approved by a trail, education, or conservation organization.

  • Commercial links are included on a dedicated page and shall follow the user guidelines described above.

  • The listings contained on NatureCompass LLC may not be used for commercial solicitation or any other advertising purposes.

Design guidelines

  • NatureCompass LLC includes web pages on which text loads in less than 8 seconds with a 33k modem and for which images are not required for comprehension or navigation. If a page is not updated within 12 months, NatureCompass LLC shall remove that page.

Submission criteria

  • Please use the feedback form to submit new links. Submissions should be provided by authorized representative of organization. We will include a listing of up to 20 words; if a longer description is submitted, Compass Media reserves the right to edit for brevity and clarity.


  • NatureCompass LLC reserves the right to include or exclude any site based on the above guidelines.

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