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The text on this Web site was adapted from Canoe and Natural History Guide to the Winooski River Valley (second edition, 1993). Prepared and edited by The Winooski Valley Park District. Funded by Green Mountain Power Corporation. Copyright applied for all rights reserved. No part of this guide may be reproduced in any form without permission in writing from the Winooski Valley Park District.

In appreciation to all those who helped make the 1993 version of this canoe guide possible:

  • Editing and Desktop Publishing: Althea Eaton Paine

  • Cartography: Tom Kastner

  • Graphics: Beth Farnsworth, S. Amelia, Natural History of Vermont (by Zaddock Thompson, published by Tuttle Press, Rutland, VT, 1972), North American Trees (by Richard J. Preston, Jr., published by The MIT Press, Cambridge, MA, 1978)

  • Text: UVM Environmental Studies, Jim Pease, Scott Stevens

  • Text and Canoeing Verification: Josh Greenberg, Ray Gonda, Smith Edwards, Canoe Imports, Greg Morgan, Brian Chipman, Peter Laflamme, Don Meals, Jim Pease, Tom Kastner, Steve Brumlee, Marcia Albert

Winooski Valley Park District Trustees (1993)

  • Steve Stitzel — Burlington
  • Helen Torino — Colchester
  • Alan Nye — Essex
  • Willy Cochran — Jericho
  • Sylvia Smith — So. Burlington
  • Jean Battelle — Williston
  • Clem Potvin — Winooski
  • Former Trustee Mark Keller, Essex

Winooski Valley Park District Staff (1/2001)

  • Jennifer Ely, Executive Director
  • Seth Coffey, Parks Manager
  • Trish Fontaine, Natural Resources Specialist

Green Mountain Power Corporation provided funding to the Winooski Valley Park District for printing of the 1993 version of this guide, but did not independently confirmed the accuracy of its contents.