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Cold Water Species

Landlocked Salmon

  • Color: silvery sides, silver-white belly, and brown, green or blue back

  • Bronze-brown at spawning time

  • Scales are conspicuous

  • End of upper jaw lines up with center of eye

  • X-shaped, irregular black spots concentrated on upper half of body - no spots on the tail (sharp cornered tail)

  • No spots on adipose fin

  • Length: 12-20"



  • Color: top varies from steel-blue to yellow-green to brown. Flanks are lighter with a pink stripe (more pronounced in spawning males)

  • Scales are conspicuous

  • Body heavily spotted with small block dots, and tail has radiating rows of dots

  • Adipose fin is olive with black margin


  • Same body shape as rainbow except a squared tail

  • Color: light brown overall, the flanks are lighter, spots are red- dish intermixed with black spots, and each spot has a halo

  • Mouth extends way past the eye

  • No markings on the lower fins, few or no tail spots

  • Adipose fin may have orange spots or an orange margin

  • Length: 8-18"