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Warm Water Species


  • Color is usually olive or golden brown or yellow with belly yellow-white ' scaleless or slightly scaled cheeks

  • Eye: large, silvery

  • Two separate dorsal fins; forward one spined, spotless, with dark blotch at base in back

  • White patch on lower tip of tail

  • Belongs to the perch family

  • Length: 13-20"

Chain Pickerel

  • Color ranges from bright to olive-green to brown, and color is in patches except for the creamy white underbelly

  • Dark chain-like markings over a yellow-green background along its sides

  • Fully-scaled cheeks and gill covers

  • Long body and long, toothed snout

  • One dorsal fin near tail

  • A member of the pike family

  • Length: 15-18"

Northern Pike

  • Differentiated from chain pickerel by having fully scaled cheek, and scales on only the top half of the gill cover

  • Color ranges from dark brilliant green to almost brown, and body covered with whitish bean-shaped spots

  • Length: 18-30"


Large mouth

  • Color: variations of green with white to yellow belly

  • Eye: brownish

  • Solid, wide black band on flanks

  • Upper jaw extends back past the eye

  • Length: 8-15"

Small mouth

  • Color: variations of green with milky-white underside

  • Eye: thin vertical bars along sides

  • Upper jaw ends even with the eye